The Pendulum Shop

by Lana Burley


October 2016

Happy Halloween!

It's here! It's finally here!! I have waited 12 long months for this day. Now that it has arrived, let’s talk about spirits and signs that they’re around. Perhaps we should start with the different TYPES of ghosts… There are apparitions, which... Continue Reading →


The Veil is Thinning…

It’s almost Halloween, my favorite time of year. Some people say that activity picks up right about now and when I say ‘activity’, I mean the paranormal kind. Things seems to get a little more creepy, a little more spooky... Continue Reading →


Aside from Amethyst, howlite is also another favorite of mine. The crisp white, the grey veins... just beautiful! Many people are drawn to this stone, and for good reason. Howlite is a stone for calming upset states of mind and... Continue Reading →

Blood on the Moon

"Where's my tigerseye? No, I need my tigerseye, it means good luck. No, no, I gotta get my tigerseye!" --Gillian, Practical Magic. One of my favorite movies of all time, Practical Magic. In it, Gillian wears a gorgeous necklace made... Continue Reading →

How to Host a Samhain Party

Moody Moons

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

If you’re wondering what to do this joyous festival season, get planning and host a Samhain party.

img_9270Decide whether or not to invite the little witchlettes.  Including children at a pagan party often changes a lot of the decisions you need to make.  If you want little feet everywhere, be certain all the parents are okay with allowing them to participate in the ritual, and plan at least one activity just for them.

Pick a main event.  Whether you hold a seance or a dumb supper (or both!), pick a main event to focus on and make it the theme of your invitations.

Consider an additional, smaller activity.  Particularly if you expect children to attend, a lighter additional activity like bobbing for apples or a pumpkin decorating contest tends to round out the evening nicely and leave everyone feeling grounded.


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There's something about blue crystals that intrigue me. This one in particular... Sodalite. It can come in a variety of different colors, including dark blue, orange, grey, purple, or no color at all. Though it lacks the hardness of rock gemstones,... Continue Reading →


When October comes around there are always people looking for things to spook themselves with. Some like to watch horror movies (me!), some travel to a rumoured haunted location, maybe they read stories about life after death. Hey, whatever floats... Continue Reading →

The Shadow People

I guess we’re due for another ghost story! Halloween is just around the corner so I hope to get you into the Halloween spirit (pun intended) with these spooky tales. This one in particular still freaks me out to this... Continue Reading →

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Anyone who knows me, knows that Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love it more than Christmas. There. I said it. And since it IS the most wonderful time of the year, I’d like to share with you... Continue Reading →

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