Beautiful blue Celestite. A sweet crystal with an uplifting vibration.  It can come in a variety of different colours, including white, gold, yellow, and red. Although blue is the most common color (and my favorite!)

With so much negativity in the world today, keeping this stone nearby will help you remain calm and assist in mental clarity. It’s a great tool for meditation as well as your emotional state. Perhaps it may even assist with those who have difficult making decisions. Their energy is both calming and uplifting, and will help in contact with angels. The soft blue color of these stones is stunning, and they are beautiful both physically and spiritually.

Their lovely energy is immediately apparent when you pick one up. Most of the pieces on the market are Celestite clusters, with less single pieces being available.

It helps block out distracting “noise” and focus on other planes of existence. It is also an excellent tool for astral travel.  It is used to foster and forge connections to the angel realm and even to angels themselves. Tradition has it that celestite has been given consciousness raising and guidance powers from the angels.

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