Anyone who knows me, knows that Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love it more than Christmas. There. I said it. And since it IS the most wonderful time of the year, I’d like to share with you one of many paranormal experiences I’ve had. But where to start!? I’ve got so many stories, it’s hard to choose just one. Perhaps I’ll share more leading up to Halloween.

However, there is one that has always stuck out as the most creepy.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had strange experiences. Things tend to follow me around…

Let’s throw it back to when I was just 21 years old. Living at home with the parents and two brothers; it was a busy house. Family was always coming and going. One afternoon I was in the basement ironing my hair (yes, with an actual iron. Crazy, I know). It was approximately 3pm when someone knocked on the front door upstairs. Assuming one of my brothers was home, I yelled from the basement: “You got that!??!”

No answer.

Another knock at the door. By now I was getting pretty ticked off. I put down my iron and proceeded to walk through the basement to answer the door upstairs. Suddenly I heard footsteps above me, walking through the hall. Again, assuming it was one of my brothers going to open the door, I shrugged and went back to my iron. Upstairs, I heard footsteps approach the front door.

There was a moment of silence, when suddenly the doorbell rang numerous times. Now I was pissed. I yelled from the basement to my brother as I stomped up the stairs, “I THOUGHT YOU GOT THAT!??”. I got to the front door and it was my younger brother. I said to him, “Didn’t someone answer the door for you??”

“No”, he replied. “ You’re the only one home.”

I told my mother and she didn’t believe me. Until she heard it herself. In fact, her experience was so convincing that she searched the entire house for who may have entered. She found no one.

There’s something odd about that front door at my parents’ home. When I lived there my mother and I would always hear someone put a key in the lock, turn the deadbolt, open the door, and walk through the house. We’ve both heard it clear as day. My dad on the other hand… He’s a skeptic. His explanation is that the house is just ‘resting’, or ‘settling’.

Riiiight… Because a 25 year old house settling on its foundation makes the sound of someone opening and closing doors? Walking through the house?

Ever since I moved out the activity has stopped, according to my mother. I guess it likes to tag along with me.