I guess we’re due for another ghost story! Halloween is just around the corner so I hope to get you into the Halloween spirit (pun intended) with these spooky tales.

This one in particular still freaks me out to this day.

I remember lying in bed on my left side when I felt like something was watching me on my right. I rolled over to see a tall dark figure standing over me. Terrified, I pulled the blankets over my head and shook in fear, hoping it would just go away. I didn’t speak of what I saw to anyone.

Now, about my brother. He was always a sleep-walker and sleep-talker. There were times when my dad would catch him walking out the door with his hockey bag at 3am claiming he had to go to hockey practice. Other times it was a little less crazy and we’d hear him say things in his sleep. No biggy. It was a fairly common occurrence and sometimes quite humorous.

One particular evening just after we had all gone to bed we heard him scream. It was so bloody-curdling that it echoed throughout the house and woke everyone up. I rolled over in my bed to see him dash out of his room in tears. This is a 30 year old man we’re talking about here.

He ran down the hall into my parents’ bedroom and told them that someone was in his room. Apparently, as he lay in bed with his door open a crack, a dark shadowy figure crouched and ran into his room and hid beside his bed. Needless to say, my father went in there with a baseball bat. They found nothing.

My brother and I shared our experiences to each other just once, and we never spoke of them again.

To this day I’m not sure what it was… A shadow person perhaps? I still don’t like thinking about it for fear I may see it. Childish? Maybe. But experience these beings just once and you’ll see what I mean.