There’s something about blue crystals that intrigue me. This one in particular… Sodalite. It can come in a variety of different colors, including dark blue, orange, grey, purple, or no color at all. Though it lacks the hardness of rock gemstones, Sodalite is also used to make lovely jewelry.

It has many different uses, including communication, thought stimulation, truth, and is great for when you’re working in groups. So if you’re in a haunted location, whip out your Sodalite pendulum and see what happens!


This stone can also help end arguments or other disagreements. Sodalite gemstones bring about a “glass half full” perspective to any situation. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and love. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual. Physically, it is said in folklore and crystal healing to be beneficial for the glands, diabetes, digestive system, lymphatic cancer, relieving insomnia, and decreasing calcium deficiency. It is also used in crystal healing for quicker relief  of head colds. Just in time for the cooler weather that is upon us.