It’s almost Halloween, my favorite time of year. Some people say that activity picks up right about now and when I say ‘activity’, I mean the paranormal kind. Things seems to get a little more creepy, a little more spooky at this time of year. For me personally, I love it. I’ve already had an odd experience with things going missing, then turning up in unexplained places: My mother forgot her socks at my new home and placed them on the floor (she had stepped in a puddle and they got soaked!). Unfortunately with the moving process they got misplaced. I promised her I’d find them, wash, and return them. But we couldn’t find those socks anywhere! Two days later I was unpacking an unopened box of China Cabinet items when there, near the bottom of the box were her socks wedged between newspaper-wrapped trays and gravy boats. It was physically impossible how her socks ended up in there as the box had been sealed for two months.  We have no explanation.

As Autumn approaches, the leaves turn crisp and display beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red. This is the time of harvest and the beginning of longer darker nights where we only have ourselves as company. Or do we? It is said that as Halloween approaches the veil between our world and the dead becomes thinner. The last night of October is the start of Samhain (which is pronounced “sow-in”), the great Celtic festival when the dead walk among the living. It’s a perfect time to remember and communicate with those who have passed on. We miss them and we want to be assured that they are in a good place. We seek to understand that there is something beyond this life, some wonderful place to go, and that we will go there too when we die.

I’d love to get into the origins of Halloween, but lets be honest: I’m sure you’ve already heard them. So perhaps I’ll give you some insight on how to communicate and/or honor your deceased loved ones instead! Communication can happen spontaneously in forms such as dream contact, or waking encounters, just to name a few.

A simple way to honor your deceased loved ones is by setting up a small area  in your home dedicated to them. Decorate it with photo’s of them, candles, flowers… Whatever it is that reminds you of them.

If you’d like to communicate with your ancestors, I find the easiest way to is to ask if they’re with you; call their name. What I find helps most is when I’m alone and it is silent, that way I can fully concentrate and truly hear them. Ask your ancestors a question, ask for a sign, or just talk to them. You may not feel or hear anything right away. In most of my experiences, I won’t physically hear or receive a sign from my ancestors until much later in the day or even at night while I’m dreaming. Sometimes the signs they give me might be a special song I hear on the radio that reminds me of them, or I’d actually hear something shuffling about in another room. That’s my confirmation that they’ve heard me.

If you feel a little awkward ‘talking to yourself’ try using a dowsing tool, like a pendulum. It is one of the most common tools used in contacting spirits. You can read all about how to use one in my blog post:  You can also purchase one that you feel drawn to at my Etsy shop:

WORD OF CAUTION: Because Halloween can be a very vulnerable time, I must warn you: Do not, under any circumstances use a Ouija Board. I don’t trust those things! Also, when you want to communicate with your ancestors it is important that you use their name or at least say aloud that you are only inviting positive energies and spirits into your space. Saying such things like: “Is anyone there?” or “Would anyone like to communicate?” will open up a giant mess of trouble (trust me; been there, done that. NOT FUN). You open up the door for any spirit, good or bad.


Happy Halloween!