It’s here! It’s finally here!! I have waited 12 long months for this day. Now that it has arrived, let’s talk about spirits and signs that they’re around.

Perhaps we should start with the different TYPES of ghosts… There are apparitions, which is the full (or half!) figure of a person or animal appearing, there are orbs, which usually appear on camera but can easily get mistaken for dust, and noisy poltergeists that like to toss things around and make a mess. I’ve had two experiences with apparitions in my lifetime and let me tell you… They’re pretty life-like.

There are many signs that a spirit(s) is around. The most common being smelling a scent like roses or cigar/cigarette smoke. Both aromas are very fleeting when you experience them. They come and go so quickly that you question whether you smelled anything at all.

Here are some other common signs that a spirit is afoot:

Opening Doors/Cupboards: Any doors, cupboards or drawers that seem to open on their own without rational explanation.

Lights Switching On/Off: Having lights switching on and off which are not caused by a rational explanation, or new light bulbs that seem to blow too quickly.

Electronics Switching On/Off: Having items such as TV’s or radios switching on and off, changing channels, moving to static or increasing in volume without any rational explanation. Also hearing a favorite song from a loved one who has crossed over. I experience this quite often!

Disappearing Items: An everyday object is suddenly missing from its usual spot, only to see it reappear back a few days later (see my blog post titled ‘The Veil is Thinning’ about my moms’ missing socks!).

Item of a Loved One: Randomly finding an object from a loved one who has crossed over.

Shadows: Seeing unexplained shadows in the corner of your eyes.

Feeling of being watched: This may be an overall feeling, or specific to only one area of the house. Typically this feeling can be eerie however, it doesn’t necessarily mean the presence itself is eerie.

Numbers: Number patterns are also very commonly shown to us by spirit and Angels. You will see the same numbers over and over until you get the message! Spirits love to give numbers that hold some significance such as birth dates, anniversaries, and other significant event dates. You may relate a number sequence to a date a particular person had passed – they are letting YOU know they are with you! Repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 333, etc. seen on clocks, phone numbers or other familiar places, could also have some significance to a passed loved one (like time of death for example). This is also a very common way to receive messages from the Angels with each number having a significant meaning of guidance for you based on timeless and accurate numerology.

Animals: Spirits show signs through animals all the time. In fact, when my grandfather passed away we were always followed by a little yellow bird when a big family event was about to take place.

Signs Through Small Objects: It is very common for spirit to use objects like feathers, coins, stones, and other small objects that may have some significance to either you or the spirit. Spirit like to place things in your path to let you know they are around. If you find different things just showing up randomly, you may want to do some research on “apports” (gifts from spirit), where objects appear from nowhere.

Movement: Some spirits move objects to get your attention. Does the same photograph keep falling? Is the same thing always being ‘misplaced’ or ‘lost’ while in your possession? It could be a spirit trying to get your attention!

Well, I hope I’ve spooked your Halloween with all of this ghost talk. Now go and watch a horror movie on this wonderful night.

Sweet Dreams…