In my first blog post (here: I mentioned that I would be doing weekly tarot card draws. I still intend to! I’ve recently moved into a new home so things are a little disorganized right now. However, I will get to it I promise! In the meantime, let’s chat shall we?

I’m not sure when I started reading cards. In fact, I don’t think I was ever taught HOW to read cards either! All I know, is that I received the Gendron Tarot Card Deck as a gift from a friend, and I haven’t used another since. I’ve tried, believe me. I’ve tried reading my friends’ cards and as beautiful as they were, I just couldn’t do it. Which is fine… Everyone reads differently. The Gendron Tarot speaks to me and the messages are clear, so I stick with that one. Personal preference I guess. You can find it here:

  tarot(The Gendron Tarot)

Now, you’ve probably heard that you should read cards without consuming alcohol.


But that’s when I do my best work! I’m not inebriated by any means, but I do enjoy a glass of wine (or two) before I begin. I feel like it loosens me up, and it opens my mind a little. In the words of my friend, I “become a different person… speak differently, use words that you normally don’t use on a day to day basis”.

Everyone has their own ways of opening up to receive messages. What are yours? I’d love to hear them. Meditation has never been a strong suit for me, so that’s out of the question. Not only that, but I’ve got two boys and a cat to chase around so having a moment of peace and quiet is very rare in my household! I haven’t read cards in ages, but I am very eager and look forward to doing it again sans the wine (I’m expecting baby no. 3 in February!). Do you think it’ll be a boy or girl? Why don’t you get out your cards and find out!