When my cat Lily passed away on September 13, 2016 I was so heartbroken. She was my ‘little Lily girl’, as I liked to call her. The loss of a pet is devastating and I can’t even begin to describe the amount guilt and grief that overwhelmed me. I had the immense urge to apologize profusely to her for having to make the difficult decision of ending her life. I knew it was the right choice, but her absence has left a giant hole in my heart.


After she passed I found the only thing that could bring me comfort was to hear from her little spirit. Everyone deals with things differently, and this was my way. Often times after someone dear to me has passed I usually hear from them two to three days later. When I say, ‘hear from them’, what I mean is… I’d have dreams about them, the same song plays on the radio for days (one that had special meaning), odd noises or smells throughout the home… You get the idea. I have never grieved the loss of a pet, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

A day or so after she passed I had the most wonderful dream about her: She jumped up on my bed as I lay sleeping and curled up beside me like she used to. I gave her a few pets atop her head, then went back to sleep. The next night I had another dream about her. It was very comforting to see her again but unfortunately I haven’t dreamt about her since. Perhaps this was her way of comforting me?

While all of this was going on my husband and I, and two boys were packing up to move into a new home. The most painful part was leaving my old home and the memories of Lily behind. Everywhere I looked in that house: That’s where she liked to lay in the sun, that’s where she’d paw at my leg for more treats. I was hurt because I was afraid we were leaving her spirit behind, and she wouldn’t know where to find us. I knew her spirit was there because my husband and I always heard a cat licking the unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink, just like she used to do.

Fast forward to our new home.

We’ve moved in and we love it! Everything is so crisp and clean. I was still a little upset about ‘leaving Lily behind’, but I think she may have found her way. Every once in a while my husband and I would mute the sound on the TV and listen. What was that noise? It sounded like a cat’s paws on the hardwood; the nails gently tapping as it strolled through the house. Even my (living) cat, Raven peaked his head up in wonderment. Does he see something we can’t? This hasn’t been the only time we may have heard from her.

My husband came home early from work one evening and was relaxing on the sofa, when suddenly a Halloween decoration flew off the shelf in our foyer. It didn’t just fall: It literally flung forward as if something pushed it off. Something that Lily totally would have done, if she had still been with us.

Other than hearing faint sounds of paws walking through the home, and very soft, distant meow sounds, I haven’t heard much from my little Lily girl. Once in a while I think I catch a glimpse of something (a cat?) in the corner of my eye, but I pass it off as… ‘I’m still getting used to this house’. Maybe it’s her…?

Do you think pets can come back like us humans can? I’d love to hear your experiences. Animals can sense much more that what we give them credit for.

Love you Lily girl.