Children have quite the imagination, don’t they. Most kids have imaginary friends, and that’s totally fine. But at what point do you think to yourself: ‘Okay… Is this really just an imaginary friend or a visitor from beyond the grave?’ It is said that children can sense and even see spirits because they have not been told what’s real and what’s not real. They haven’t been conditioned to ignore what society deems impossible.

There are many theories as to how children are able to see ghosts, one being that we adults can only see 400nm – 700 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. UVA light falls just below visible light at 400 – 315 nm. Infrared light falls just above at 750nm – 1mm. So in layman’s terms: What you are able to see of this world is quite limited. There are a lot of things happening just outside your vision that you’ll never witness. But here’s where it gets fascinating: Children can see things at 380nm, putting them squarely in the UV range. When you consider the fact that several paranormal experts believe ghosts like to hang out in the UV and infrared ranges so that we humans can’t detect them, things get a little eerie. Not only that, but animals are even MORE sensitive than humans. One can only imagine what they see on a daily basis (check out my blog post ‘Animal Spirits’ here:

I have two boys, Jack is 3 years old and Travis is 1.5. Jack is a very interesting, observant, and curious child. Which is great! (Except for when mommy lets them have snacks before dinner and they tattle-tail to daddy. Hmm). But seriously though, this child of mine has said some pretty intriguing things in his days which lead me to believe that he carries a similar gift that I also have: The ability to sense when a spirit or negative energy is around.

There have been numerous times when he’d wave at ‘the man’ in our house (apparently that’s his name). One instance in particular freaked me out (and believe me, it takes A LOT to freak me out!):

As we sat eating breakfast one morning he began laughing. Cute, I thought. Eat your breakfast kid, we’re running late.

I asked what was so funny, and he replied: “The man”.

I said: “The man, huh? What man?”

Jack answered, “That man over there, behind the curtain”.


Alrighty then. Let’s just finish up here and go play, shall we? I thought to myself.

I’ve never not believed him in what he ‘saw’. In fact, I tried to make it as normal as possible with him. Since that experience in the kitchen he’d mention ‘the man’ in the house. Sometimes Jack would describe him to me as being tall and thin, other times he would wave at ‘the man’ saying ‘Bye bye man!’.

One morning while getting ready for daycare he sat and starred at something behind me.

I asked him:”Whatcha starring at, my funny hair?”

He replied, “The lady behind you”.

I did not disregard what he said to me. I just asked him a few questions, like “What does she look like”, and “how old is she?”. He replied saying that she was wearing black, and she was short. But for some reason when we were about to leave the house, he didn’t want to go back into the room to grab his lunch bag. He said, “No mommy come with me. The lady is in there.” I proceeded to tell him that it’s ok to be scared, but ghosts cannot hurt him.

Now that we have moved into a new home he hasn’t said much about anything. Once in a while he’ll start walking up the steps then stop suddenly and stare. He would eventually turn back around and ask one of us to come with him.

If he’s anything like me I feel for the kid, I really do because I know what it’s like to sense or see something and be afraid. The best I can do is reassure him that it’s ok and that I’m here for him. Kate, at Deosil Therapeutics ( does amazing work with children like Jack. If you think your child may have a special gift, don’t ignore it! In my opinion, just go with it. Ask them questions. Maybe it’s just their imagination, maybe it’s something more…