A Tree Agate Stone is a wonderful crystal to carry as a personal talisman. It is a form of Chalcedony with green inclusions and markings. Green Tree Agate in particular was given its name because of its leafy green pattern. Tree Agate is said in crystal healing and folklore to relieve tension, fever and skin eruptions, as well as help with mood swings and calming your temper. This stone is also perfect for your garden, as it is said to bring plentiful crops and attract wildlife. Not only is it beneficial for outdoors, it enhances the health of house plants. Inside the home, it brings with it and prosperity, including an abundance of love. Tree Agate is also said to be a stone that brings good fortune and protection, which makes it perfect to travel with.

green-tree(Green Tree Agate Pendulum, available at http://www.etsy.ca/shop/thependulumshop)

Green Tree agate has great healing properties to help boost your body’s natural immune system. So when flu and cold season are upon us carry them with you in your purse, place them under your pillow, keep them in your wallet or on your night stand. You can also combine them with other tumbled stones and crystals to form a powerful crystal grid.

Come the Spring time, this stone is going to be my best friend. We’ve just moved and I can’t wait to get started on my herb and flower garden!