Wow, I guess it’s been a while huh. Life gets busy sometimes, and with Christmas fast approaching it’ll get even busier!

Things have been hectic over here… Unpacking miscellaneous items from the move, gearing up for Christmas, and preparing for our third (and final!) baby. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if we’re finding out what the gender is. My husband and I did not find out for our first two children, and we decided not to find out again. We love the surprise! Even though I have had moments of weakness JUST before my ultrasounds, I never caved.

When I tell people that we’re not finding out, they always ask: “What do you ‘feel like’ it is?”. I usually have a sarcastic response, like: “We’re hoping for a baby, but it COULD be an elephant”.

I’ve always been fairly intuitive, so this is a difficult question for me to answer. It’s not a ‘feeling’ I have. It’s just that I KNOW what it is. On the day I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I knew it was a boy. Everyone asked how I knew, but I couldn’t explain it. Your mother’s intuition is felt as a sense, a knowing, or a hunch. Over time, you can learn to develop it and trust it.

So after a what seemed like 10 years of being pregnant, my water broke at 36 weeks unexpectedly, and our first baby was born via emergency C-section. My husband yelled: “It’s a boy!”

Through my happy tears, I said: “I know!!”

Was it the infamous ‘Mothers Intuition’ at play here? Hmm. Every time I get pregnant my intuition seems to ramp up. However, my second pregnancy was very stressful and all of my ‘Mothers Intuition’ went out the window. I had no clue what the gender would be… No ‘feeling’, no thoughts, hunches… Nothing. We ended up having another boy!

So here I am pregnant with our third and final baby. Now people are asking me: “I bet you’re hoping for that girl, huh?!”

To be honest yes, I’d love to have a little girl. But right now I’m having a hard time wrestling with what I think the gender will be. My intuition is telling me it’s a girl, however I’m getting my ‘wants’ mixed up with my intuition. I can’t decipher one from the other! I guess we’ll find out in 11 weeks.