Ever have one of those days when all you seem to do is yell and give orders to your kids?

I had one of those and it was not pretty. In fact, I lost my voice. At the end of the day after the kids went to bed I felt terrible (mentally and physically). I thought about why I yelled so much; what made me so angry?? I guess my patience level hit zero early on in the day. The pregnancy hormones didn’t help much either. I honestly just wanted to hide somewhere and plug my ears. Perhaps I should have suggested a game of hide and seek?

It’s tough to keep your composure when you’re 8.5 months pregnant with raging hormones, and have to look after a 3.5 year old, an 18 month old, and a new puppy. So what can be done the next time I start feeling overwhelmed?? My first thought was my crystals.

There are so many crystals that can relieve stress, promote peace, and keep you calm during times of sheer insanity. Amazonite is one of them. It is green in colour, relating particularly to the throat chakra and thyroid. Though it harmonizes the nervous system, it also dispels worries and fears, working to release anger or irritability that is stuck in the system. It is said to balance mood swings and calm us down generally.

Amethyst is my favorite stone. It’s wonderful to use during mediation and can calm the mind, settling the thoughts and raise one’s vibration. An extremely spiritual stone, the lighter hued stones of a gentle violet colour are best for calming one down. Amethyst is so powerful in relieving stress it can be used to dispel headaches, balance mood swings, dispel anger and transmute negativity, a truly useful stone to have.

Turquoise is used to induce calmness and is readily available as jewellery. It has the ability to stabilise mood swings, prevent panic attacks, and may aid in recovering from a nervous breakdown. It is also highly protective and grounding, a wonderful stone.

There are so many more stones that promote calmness and peace and I’d love to list them all for you. However, I do have to take the dog out otherwise he’ll pee on my rug (again… You have no idea how difficult it is to chase a puppy  whose in mid-pee when you’re almost ready to pop!). So please, visit my Etsy page for more info on these amazing stones. I have created them in many convenient forms, like necklaces and key chains.

Take care!