YES! Finally! I have found a day that I can sit down and read Tarot cards for you.

I’ve always used my Gendron Tarot Deck. I’m completely attracted to it, with its brilliant purple colours and celestial images. For some reason I can’t read any other deck. I love the Rider Deck, but I just can’t do it. Also, I read best after a glass of wine. Unfortunately, that glass of wine will have to wait another 3 weeks.


So lets get down to business and start reading, shall we?

The Queen of Cups.


You’ve got your shit in order lady.

You’ve got a lot going on but somehow you’ve got it all organized, managed, and colour coded for gods sake.

There are some things that seem to linger around, and sometimes it feels like suffocation. But it’s easy enough to remove… right over your head, right?

Don’t block out the ‘little loves’. Meaning… Accept all the little fun and enjoyable things that come your way.

And those hands. What’s with those hands? You’re not so sure about something and you’re feeling tense perhaps? Anxious? Relax Mama, you’ve got this. You have that little bird by your side and it plays a bigger role in your life than you think, so don’t underestimate it, and accept its help. Maybe it’s your partner, friend, mom, or dad. Whoever it is, they’re there. If they offer assistance, TAKE IT.

I hope you have had a great Tarot Tuesday and that my reading has provided you with some support.

Keep in touch!