The Pendulum Shop

by Lana Burley


February 2017

Howlite & Hematite

I really love this necklace in my shop. It's got that mid-century feel to it. Not only that, but it includes two of my favourite stones: Hematite and Howlite. ( Howlite is a stone of awareness. It can prepare the... Continue Reading →


Tarot Tuesday – February 21

It's back! I had to take one week off to welcome my third son, Spencer James. Having a third kid is definitely a game changer. Right now all he does is sleep, but I know its about to get a... Continue Reading →

Tarot Tuesday! February 7.

This is the 3rd Tarot Tuesday that I've done and so far it's been fantastic! I have really enjoyed reading cards for you, and I hope that you've loved it just as much. So here's the deal: February 9th is... Continue Reading →

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