This is the 3rd Tarot Tuesday that I’ve done and so far it’s been fantastic! I have really enjoyed reading cards for you, and I hope that you’ve loved it just as much.

So here’s the deal: February 9th is sort of a big day for my family and I. We’re having another baby! That’ll make 3 kids, a puppy, and a cat. Yes, we’re a little crazy (and so is this house right now). Next Tuesday will be a little hectic and I may not get around to doing my weekly Tarot Tuesday reading. However, I’d be more than happy to offer a personal reading (card drawn) for you. Just contact me and we’ll set it up via email!

What’s in store this week…




Seems like every card I’ve drawn includes a bird, or a ‘helper’ as I like to call it.

Pretty much what the card says: You’re weighing your options, and want to be fair. Try not to please everyone and everything. You can’t! No one can. Like I said last week: Accept the love that is given to you and try not to be so damn rigid.

You’re a pretty smart person so I know you won’t get in over your head. Don’t go out too far, or you’ll get lost. Stay close to home, and close to the ones around you. They’re the ones who’ll support you when it’s time to make ‘that’ decision. Don’t hesitate either. Don’t worry about what others will think or say. Just do it and don’t look back. I know sometimes you may not feel confident in your decisions, and that you’re swayed easily. But stay strong! Justice will prevail!