It’s back!

I had to take one week off to welcome my third son, Spencer James. Having a third kid is definitely a game changer. Right now all he does is sleep, but I know its about to get a little more difficult managing 3 boys. My 19 month old has been transferred to a toddler bed. Christ, what a nightmare that has been. We thought he was ready… WHAT ON EARTH WERE WE THINKING?! My almost 4 year old has developed an attitude, and this whiny ‘I can’t do it!’ behaviour.

Do you have 3 rugs rats? If so, I’d love to hear your strategies! #kindalosingithere

Alright, enough banter. Let’s see what the cards have in store this week…

The Five of Cups


First thing I thought of when I saw this card was that song that goes: ‘Lonely, I am so lonely…’ You’re making do with what you have. You may not be happy with what you’ve got right now, and it has taken some time to collect all that you have thus far. You’ve overcome some major things and have finally made it over that ‘hump’. It gets better, I promise you.

Try not to put everything on a pedestal. You’re a very caring person and sometimes forget to take care of yourself until it’s too late. You get run down, ill, and just feel like a bag of shit.

Everything is clear now, so take that leap into that idea you’ve had floating around your head lately. Take action to change past patterns!