Gah! I missed last weeks Tarot Tuesday. Sorry about that. Life gets busy chasing around 3 boys and a pup! My newest babe is just 3 weeks old and has his days and nights mixed up. I’d say in the last three nights I’ve had a combined total of 4 hours of sleep. My 19 month old still wakes in the night for whatever reason. If he can’t find his soother, he loses his shit. If his bottle is empty, he loses his shit. If he literally loses his shit, he loses his shit.

Ten of Wands


The first thing I heard when I drew this card was: You reap what you sow. So be careful. Not only that, but everything you’ve ever accomplished has finally come to  pay off. Use your past to get ahead now.

I usually don’t get time frames for anything when reading cards. But with this one, it’s different. When the weather warms up is when you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Keep working hard and it’ll pay off. You’re quite independent and have done a great job creating your empire. Just keep your head down, do what you do best, and try not to let what others are doing bother you.