The Pendulum Shop

by Lana Burley


November 2016

Mothers Intuition

Wow, I guess it's been a while huh. Life gets busy sometimes, and with Christmas fast approaching it'll get even busier! Things have been hectic over here... Unpacking miscellaneous items from the move, gearing up for Christmas, and preparing for... Continue Reading →


Green Tree Agate

A Tree Agate Stone is a wonderful crystal to carry as a personal talisman. It is a form of Chalcedony with green inclusions and markings. Green Tree Agate in particular was given its name because of its leafy green pattern.... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Friends?

Children have quite the imagination, don’t they. Most kids have imaginary friends, and that’s totally fine. But at what point do you think to yourself: ‘Okay… Is this really just an imaginary friend or a visitor from beyond the grave?’... Continue Reading →

Animal Spirits

When my cat Lily passed away on September 13, 2016 I was so heartbroken. She was my ‘little Lily girl’, as I liked to call her. The loss of a pet is devastating and I can’t even begin to describe... Continue Reading →

Good Vibrations

Of all the stones, Clear Quartz is the most common stone on the planet. It comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors (i.e., Rose Quartz). Some may even have inclusions and bubbles, or it can be clear... Continue Reading →

Going Green with Aventurine

Of all the crystals, I’d say that Aventurine is the one you want to keep around when starting up a new business, or need some inspiration for that craft or book you’ve been working on. Aventurine stones are crystals that... Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink

A few weeks ago I attended the Gem & Mineral Show in Ancaster Ontario. It was a fabulous experience and I spent WAY too much money. That being said, it was money well spent. I purchased a lovely Amethyst geode,... Continue Reading →

Tarot Card Readings

In my first blog post (here: I mentioned that I would be doing weekly tarot card draws. I still intend to! I’ve recently moved into a new home so things are a little disorganized right now. However, I will... Continue Reading →

Getting Cozy with Citrine

I love the colors of Citrine. Every time I look at this stone it reminds me of warm sunshine. It is so comforting, energizing, and life giving... Such a happy stone. Citrine has a bright energy that lights up many aspects of lives... Continue Reading →

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